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Public identification as someone who committed a sex offense leads to a host of problems that are described throughout this report and are detailed as well below.Being publicly identified through online registries as a sex offender restricts employment in several ways.” There are some people who say that such adverse consequences are the fault of the offenders—if they hadn’t committed the crimes, they wouldn’t be facing public hostility now.

I stay up at night, worried that I can’t find a job, worried that I can’t find an apartment, worried that I am going to be killed like other sex offenders have been killed, worried that they will take away my family, won’t let me see my children and grandchildren anymore.Protecting Your Information: If you are using this online service on a shared computer in a public area (i.e.public library), it is important to ensure that you do not leave the computer unattended while accessing the service.No one really told them to do this crime.” Yet everyone, even former sex offenders, has rights that should be respected and protected.Registration and community notification laws directly and all too often unnecessarily interfere with former offenders’ rights to privacy.

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