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“,” she maintains, never wavering on her own self-respect.

It’s knowing you deserve nothing but the best and remaining strong in the face of deplorables.

The punchiness of roaring distortion, cement-cracking bass, powerful lyrics and forceful drumming can serve as an much-needed jolt of energy and excitement when UFC's best step out across the arena and into the steel cage of the Octagon.

Each fighter selects their own entrance theme, walking out to a song that will help prepare them mentally for furious rounds of punches, jabs, elbows, kicks, knees and submission holds against another one of the world's top fighters.

Male artists can roll out of bed, slap on a baseball cap, a tattered pair of blue jeans and a plain white t-shirt and nothing is said. She has to always be on, often swatting away unwanted advances, concealing herself behind the perfection of beauty.

If she doesn’t live up to those egregious standards, her every move is picked apart.

The emergence of the UFC has changed the face of competitive fighting forever, much like Black Sabbath did for heavy music in 1970.

Ultimately, all the gloss and the play-pretend can be damaging, leading to a sad life of never feeling good enough.Opening her third solo album with this brooding gender-flip was quite the statement piece.The accompanying visual exposes the social layers in a way the song itself does not, but the iconic clip, in which Bey shatters the glass ceiling, serves as a stark reminder of society’s gender biases and stereotypes. Queen Bey’s illustrious career—which began with dance classes at Houston’s St.Her looming stature as one of the most influential artists of all time had to start somewhere, though.

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