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There’s a Chocolate Factory in Raleigh, and it’s free to visit!Make sure you ask for a hot cocoa, and sit down for a while.

You can even go to the Goodnight’s comedy club next door or to Drink Drank Drunk for a beer in’ session. But amidst all the beer on tap, delicious food, and happy people, lies an island of awesomeness and delicious cocktails called “C Grace”. This really cool (and really old) bowling alley will make you feel like you’re in The Big Lebowski right away.“Oh, honey, bless your heart…” It’s a hidden camera obscura room in the middle of the forest.Go inside, close the door, and wait for a while until your eyes adapt to the dark. Stroll down the Sarah P Duke Gardens for a lighthearted conversation.If you’re lucky, you may catch the glimpse of a rehearsal. Consider visiting The NC Capitol, The Executive Mansion, Mordecai, Historic Oakwood, and the museums in the downtown area 😉 For a more romantic setting, stroll down Lafayette Village and dock on Vinos Finos, for amazing Spanish tapas. As an alternative to Lafayette Village, you can go to North Hills to spend an afternoon.The cool thing about North Hills, or “Midtown”, as we call it, is the variety of options it offers on a walkable area.

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