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On his personal Facebook page, he called all Arabs “shits” and “sons of bitches” and called upon Jews not to patronize Arab-owned stores; he had himself already boycotted Arab businesses for some time.Yair has yet to speak out against his father’s denial of the earlier statement attributed to him in which Yair revealed he was dating a Norwegian woman.When two Jews want to marry one another, they must apply to the rabbis in the city where they live, and prove their mothers were born Jewish and their mothers’ mothers were born Jewish.If the bride or groom immigrated to Israel from another country, then a rabbi from the city they originated from must attest to the fact that they, and their mothers and their mothers’ mothers, were born Jewish.Their tolerance for Jewish/non-Jewish marriages is probably the biggest reason for their lack of influence within Israeli society.The propensity for Jewish people to marry partners from other ethnic groups is nothing new.Another option for mixed couples is to have a civil ceremony in a third country, and return to Israel with a marriage license in hand.This solution is only useful, however, for people who can afford the cost of traveling to and having a ceremony in another country.

For all of Israeli history, the power to determine who may marry and who may not has been held by a network of fundamentalist, ultra-Orthodox rabbis.In these cases, it may take years for the non-Jewish partner to receive Israeli citizenship, thanks to government policies making it difficult for non-Jews to become citizens.Thanks to the cash and connections available through his father, Yair can bypass these barricades with relative ease, if he chooses to do so.Families with one Jewish parent are considered just as Jewish as they are non-Jewish.Reform Jews, who account for a majority of American Jews, support this perspective, but are shut out of power in Israel.

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