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Now before you get angry and begin listing the myriad underground comics and sci-fi novels that feature queer male (and female) characters (which I actually encourage in the comments section below; I’d love to hear about them), I should perhaps specify that there are startling few gay and bi male role models in most comics, TV shows, and feature films. And these aren’t really well-known superstar characters like Spider-Man or Captain America.

To elaborate: of the hundreds upon hundreds of superhero characters in the world, I can list maybe four or five gay ones. There are a few bi ladies mixed into superhero comics (Moondragon maybe? When it comes to sci-fi and genre TV shows, there are several gay characters, and I’m sure Joss Whedon’s myriad fans have instantly thought of those that have appeared on .

However, within that framework of the fantastical and the unexpected, there is a weird undercurrent of the known and the expected.

We can’t riff and comment on the outliers and the marginalized members in our own present-day society unless we have a kind of conservative “baseline reading” underneath the sci-fi exploration.

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