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His highly decorated military career as a medical officer led him to travel widely across the Near and Far East and this fuelled his passion to uncover the truth of ancient history.He became a fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute and produced many brilliant books and papers as he pieced together the evidence that demolished the official version of history.The survivors of the deluge and the upheavals re-emerged from the mountains and underground shelters and began to rebuild a shattered world.We are perhaps talking of around 7,000 years ago when Atlantis was finally destroyed, although there are differing opinions on the precise timescale.

Frans Kamp came across a common theme I have found in reptilian research: they want something very badly that is contained in the Nordic and human genetic code. The blond-haired, blue-eyed, race and its connection to the reptilians is crucial to understanding both past and present, or, at least, what we call past and present.Sumer was founded by the reptilian Anunnaki bloodlines in league with factions of the Nordic Vikings and was thus known in the Viking language, according to Summaire, a Celtic word for dragon, was a later version of this.I think the name "Aryan" is no so much a term for the white race as widely believed, but for the Nordic-reptilian hybrids, the so-called "master race" or "noble race".., is a forgotten and unacknowledged genius who lived from 1854 to 1938.He was a Scot who graduated from the University of Glasgow with the highest honors and went on to be professor of chemistry and pathology at the Calcutta Medical College in India.

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