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The house stood at the southern end of the moated island.The northern section of the island would have contained either a garden or a second courtyard with outbuildings.

There was no Fleet so proud, there was no Host so strong, As to seek food in England while this noble King ruled.For some years after the death of Harold at Hastings, West Norfolk enjoyed its independence ; and Orgar and Scula, among the thanes and ceorls of the County, acknowledged no superior, paid no tribute, and continued to manage their estates and govern their vassals according to the example of immemorial custom.But when the Conqueror's ships appeared in the Wash, and William himself was marching at the head of his forces from Cambridge to Ely, in order to storm Hereward's impregnable natural fortress, the day of independence for the Saxon gentlemen of West Norfolk was drawing to a close.He says, "Such is the Danes' valour that one of them will put ten of us to flight: two or three will drive a troop of captive Christians from sea to sea.The slave of yesterday becomes the master of his lord to-day. The poor are sold out of their land for foreign slavery.

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