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Kate is found by police detective who asks her to identify her father's body, unaware of her fake identity.His questions rattle Kate, and she considers leaving again to keep Betty safe.Vera is convinced to come back to work at the factory, but struggles with PTSD.

After going to Marco's house to drop off his paycheck, Lorna feels guilty about getting him fired; the two grow closer and eventually kiss.

It's Armistice Day, and the factory is planning on hosting an event to commemorate the holiday.

However, everyone is at odds: James discovers that Gladys has been receiving letters from a soldier she'd accidentally agreed to marry, and the two fight over their respective indiscretions; Leon invites Kate to sing in a club with his band, which causes a rift between Betty and Kate; Lorna and her husband, Bob, clash after they find out that one of their sons is being awarded a medal for bravery.

Betty's focus on Kate frustrates Ivan's attempts to move forward with his relationship with Betty.

Gladys' fiancé, James, has returned for the holiday, but he reveals that he nearly failed his officer training and has a nervous breakdown.

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