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Last week, the pop star first revealed that she is the new face of fashion brand by sharing another 90s-inspired outfit on her account.In the initial image, she dons a sexy gold lamé brallete, a black pencil skirt, and gold chains.Regardless, Orlando is comfortable enough to allow Katy to be around his son as she sits in the back to keep Flynn company on the car ride.While we might have all shed a tear when Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom ended their romance back in February after 10 months of dating, we can't deny the elation we felt when the pair were spotted in the audience at an Ed Sheeran concert last week in Los Angeles.In it, she sits wearing a purple sweater, matching quilted bag, and an oversized quilted orange backpack.On her head are two bucket hats, one placed on top of the other, also in purple and orange.In fact, Katy has even worn some of the items from the new campaign before.She's always had a quirky sense of style, a new hair do a minute and a vibrant attitude which is why it seems only fitting that Katy Perry has announced herself as the new face of Moschino.

Here she donned picks from the autumn/ winter 2015 collection which aren't yet available, but patchwork denim was high on the agenda down his runway so expect to see them throughout the collection when it finally lands.While Jeremy designed Katy's looks for her Super Bowl halftime show earlier this year, the singer posed on the runway for the debut of his fall 2014 collection, his first one for the Italian fashion house.Jeremy told Elle that the two met in 2008 when he was attending an event in Los Angeles with Lindsay Lohan.First, she got to ask James some questions, including whether he's ever sent out a dick pic. That led to James asking Katy to rank Diplo, Orlando and John in the sack, which she definitely did not want to answer.He said no, but he would if he was endowed the way some of her partners have been. "They're all amazing lovers and I would have sex with all of them when I get out of this place! That wasn't enough for James, who pressed for a real order.

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