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BBW Desire is supposed to be a hookup site where you can meet curvy ladies online and go out with them for a casual encounter. It’s harder for a lot of them to get dates because not all guys are into big girls.

Unfortunately, that is not likely to happen on this site. It seems like a site like would have tons of available ladies (no pun intended).

Conclusion: BBW Desire Is Not For Those That Desire To Get Laid It’s a shame when a dating site takes a perfectly good niche like the BBW niche and creates another reason for us to not believe in online dating.

Some of these fantasy cuties may have had a pulse, but their paychecks were signed by BBW Desire. The fake messages were kind of laughable and I enjoyed playing around with the ladies that I could tell were not real.

You would be much better off using another hookup site that’s been created by a legit company that stands behind their product. You will definitely get better results using the BBW site listed below than you can on this piece of shit website.

I suggest you join the site that I’ve shared below if you’re interested in meeting sexy big girls that just want to fuck.

They indicate right in their terms of service that they use false profiles and that they are operated by the site or third party contractors.

They hope that you’ll skip over this part, but I read everything when money is involved.

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First Meeting I wasn’t kidding when I said that you would have more luck going to a department store to pick up a BBW.

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