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If I could have, I no doubt would have posted some of these from our friend Mike the Boilerplant from the Boilerplant group.Seems a waste to keep these all to myself, so enjoy: A few things to cover: Joanne: If you're looking for Cyclop69's work, the link you posted looks to be the authorized site for his stuff. And sorry, I had to remove your link for the Arcas material.Maybe they should make a sticker in big letters saying I declare that I am NOT carrying a weapon, explosive substance, incendiary device or any other item that could jeopardize the safety of the airport or airplane, including a bound and gagged stewardess.If I were a security official, that last part would get me to search the luggage. I was searching through past GIMP posts and came across a suggestion that one of the best ways to get a discussion going is to ask folks what it was that made them realize they were pervs. It certainly has been a fun ride...well, at least until we were rudely interrupted.And don't forget when security found the knife from my abduction role-play sessions that I carried out with a girl I met online years ago that was hidden away in one of my carry-on bags.

Maybe that's why to this day I still like those women in jungle prison camp movies.

At some point she became stuck underneath a fallen tree, and as she squirmed to get free her costume could barely contain its jiggling bounty.

All the while her enraged tribesmen were closing in on her, elevating her plight.

I'm reminded that some early sources of GIMP inspiration for me were jungle movies.

They usually featured a damsel-in-distress, sometimes even tied up.

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Don't ask me how it manages to decript the disks and convert the contents, that I have no clue about.

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