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In the drama scene where they talk about their Father's suicide, Neal is holding his mother's hand, at the next shot where Paul stands-up Neal is clearly not holding hands with his mother. His wife has left him, he drinks all the time, he has no real friends and he is pretty much utterly frustrated with his life However things started changing when one day 3 holy man from a south American tribe and their interpreter Marissa played by the wonderful Caroline Gomez come to his life.

They tell him that he is The Chose One who is meant to save their tribe.

Rob’s bride, Maggie, is as well drawn as a hastily scrawled stick figure.

She was dating Rob for six weeks but seems to have never spent any time at his home.

Shows like Rob lower the bar inasmuch as they lower our perception of television as a medium.

No, not every show has to aspire to be the next but there’s something backward about seeing the inversion of stereotypes as something progressive or subversive.

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There’s a line about their meet-cute at a dress shop, where Maggie perhaps works, but the CBS website indicates that she’s a “smart book translator.” This isn’t at all felt in the pilot, where she’s both repeatedly infantilized and sexualized in the course of 20-odd minutes, and given little to do except entice Rob into the bedroom or glare at him angrily for his latest social misstep. Rob, looking for Maggie and her parents in the hopes that she’s told them of the marriage, stumbles into the bedroom of her grieving Abuelita (Lupe Ontiveros), where he knocks over a picture of her late husband, which in turn spills hot wax—from her candle-festooned shrine—onto his crotch.Maggie’s father, Fernando (Cheech Marin), owns a car-wash empire that he built with his own hands, but he’s deeply anti-immigration, telling Rob that he wants the United States to “build a wall and patrol it with cannons,” but his less-than-altruistic stance reveals a deep-seated animosity.“I don’t need any more competition,” he says, shrugging, before gleefully admitting that he employs illegal workers. Fernando’s brother-in-law Hector (Eugenio Derbez) is an illegal alien himself, one who asks Rob for a ,200 loan the first time they meet and who tells him that he’s visiting for the weekend but is never leaving.He’s meant to provide some semblance of comic relief, his entrances and exits modeled after ’s Kramer, but without the deftness of Michael Richards, depth of character, or humorous dialogue.He’s a leech in a man’s form, who happily swills spoiled sangria and sneaks into Rob and Maggie’s bedroom.

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