Arranged marriage better than dating

Today's allowed dating period is much shorter, and the engagement period has gone from six months or longer to six weeks." Although both of Klein's sons are happily married to women they were set up with, she knows this is as much luck as design.

"People seem to think it's unfair to make the couple wait," she adds.

Reiss was 19 and had never been alone with a male she wasn't related to, so when an early date devolved into a fistfight between her intended and a guy he thought was looking at her, she took it in stride. "I thought it was great that he wanted to protect me." They married shortly thereafter.

What this means is that you are, in fact, forced in terms of societal pressure."The first time I met him I did not like him," she says."He was huge, very overweight, but I'd been taught that appearance didn't matter." On the plus side, she noticed that he had a lot of energy and was often fun.Others give in, rather than break up their families.Problems arise when someone is intellectually curious, has questions or is highly individualistic.

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