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“If I’m Bharti, I’m thinking I’m losing all of this SMS revenue, how do I get back in the game? “The answer is I create my own Whats App.” Free messaging services are also taking off in more developed markets such as Japan.Tokyo-based has almost 500 million users and said second-quarter revenue from its core business more than doubled to 18.2 billion yen (5 million) as it expands globally. But your mom and dad might.” The hidden feature allows users to protect messages via a password and is available for phones that use doesn’t conceal chats.“Our goal right now is to build Hike into a highway for the Internet,” said the younger Mittal. The future Young adults in India often live with their parents until marriage and family homes frequently accommodate several generations.“We’re currently building our infrastructure, that being our users. “As we can see in Japan and the US mobile instant messenger services are one of the most popular apps for smartphones,” Mariko Osada, a spokeswoman for Soft Bank, said by phone.

Music, games “I hide my chats from my parents,” Chawla said dressed in jeans and a T-shirt with the words “Nothing 2 Lose” at the entrance of an upscale mall in South Delhi.“The messaging service, in which Tokyo-based Soft Bank and Bharti have invested at least million, doesn’t plan to allow advertising and hasn’t outlined how it plans to make money,” Kavin Bharti Mittal, who runs the venture’s product and strategy business said by e-mail.Mittal is the son of Sunil Bharti Mittal, the chairman of Bharti Enterprises.People diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) face difficulties in everyday life with their communication and interaction skills.Previous studies have shown that the use of social networks could be used by people with ASD to help them build connections and overcome their difficulties with social skills.

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