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In 2005, a private study funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting reported that Rehm booked 22 liberal guests for every 5 conservative guests.

The study was criticized as a politicized attempt to, in Rehm's word, "scare" journalists with the accusation of liberal bias.

Rehm has interviewed many political and cultural figures, including John Mc Cain, Barack Obama, Madeleine Albright.

She has said that her most touching interview was with Fred Rogers of the PBS program Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, conducted just before his death. The first, Finding My Voice, dealt with her traditional upbringing in a Christian Arab household, her brief first marriage and divorce, her 50-year marriage to John Rehm, raising her children, the first 20 years of her radio career, and her battles with depression, osteoporosis, and spasmodic dysphonia.

With news of sexual misconduct continuing to fill the headlines, former Sen.

Barbara Boxer discusses harassment in Congress and HBO executive Sheila Nevins talks about her experience in Hollywood.

National Legal Director of the ACLU, David Cole, on defending our civil liberties and Atlantic Magazine national correspondent Ta-Nehisi Coates on why Donald Trump is America's "first white president" From day one, it was clear that Donald Trump was like no president this country had ever seen.Occasionally missing the Friday news roundup is always a disappointment because it keeps me up to date on the news of the week. I hope she can continue her show for many years to come. If I am not in my car listening to it on Sirius I download the podcast and listen to it every evening. As many have said, Diane Rehm is a national treasure and her show a precious intellectual resource.Her ability as an interviewer and her unique voice keep me coming back. Rehm's ability to form questions and create conversations that are not partial to one side or another. I love being able to time-shift and listen to the podcasts at my convenience.Bush had been criticized by liberals as politically motivated. Mann, a conservative thinker previously associated with the Young America's Foundation, which has described itself as "the principal outreach organization of the Conservative Movement". What [Kenneth Tomlinson]'s doing, I think, is trying to scare public broadcasters.' " and Dinesh D'Souza's 2016: Obama's America which used her quote, "And then you've got the cover of Forbes magazine, a cover story by Dinesh D'Souza.According to the Washington Post, Rehm personally "called Mann's findings 'unprofessional and simplistic.' [and] added 'I've been booking shows for 25 years. I think nothing has turned my stomach so much in recent years as reading that piece." Rehm apologized for her exchange with Sanders in a statement released later that day. Rather than asking if Senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders whether he had dual U.

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President Trump's possible deal with congressional Democrats on DACA and what Robert Mueller may be learning about Trump's business dealings, then, news from NIH on gene editing, regenerative medicine, and immunotherapy.

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  1. Weinstein has insisted that such encounters were consensual, denying certain accusations and apologizing for others.)Though battles continue to be fought over sexual harassment—along with sex discrimination, gender inequity, domestic violence and abuse, and hate crimes against members of the L. Almost on a monthly basis, men in positions of power—members of the clergy, elected officials, athletes, performers, and business figures—were being castigated in the press, and in the court filings, for allegations of unwelcome sexual behavior.

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