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She shuttered in fear but one squint of my eyes held her in position. " I said as I ran my hand between her shaking legs. " A tearful nod, of her head, confirmed, finally, her acceptance of me, as her new master in all things. "STOP THIS IMMD..." she began but he turned the stop cock and suddenly her bowel's and innards felt a rush of cold fluid. "I find this setup very cleansing with a new Piggie, and to that end I can fill you up till you burst like an over stretched balloon." It was a very subdued, almost reverent Claudia who with head hanging down to the floor began to beg ... I don't know what you want but whatever it is you've won. Please ..." "Well now I think I see some hope for you piggie.. " I inquired patting the parted vaginal lips to accent them and their current condition. Her eyes traveled to the now smooth outer lips of her sex. When I was sure she was thoroughly drunk, on the cheep liquor now laying deep inside her intestines, I rotated the frame again, and released her from it. Smiling at my result, I approached and began running both of my hands over her soft round curves and smooth white skin. As she strove to come to some accommodation with this enforced posture she felt a lubricated finger attack her now defenseless anus! Finally using an electrical winch, the bag was hoisted about 6 feet above her now held open anus. She felt her formally flat belly swell up with the unwanted fluid as his mocking voice informed her .. please stop the water and let me relieve myself ... I can wait for your answer or I can maybe let in some more water to help you decide." "NO! I am making this video of my free will." From off camera he read the first question, "And you have no objections to the denuding of your pubis, shown here below your chin? Leaving her to adsorb the alcohol I again went out to smoke. I got in the cab and drove around the field a while and then I made for the barn. a dildo deep up inside her person, though the country side and the damn thing was soo cold. The now icky mud was caking all over her soft pampered skin. True she would just die if they came across som.... He leaned over the seat and called out to the little girl, "Bethany! She is really an old thing and could get kinda wild for a little girl like you! He shifted positioned and began to play the pressure nozzle up her crotch and finally over her furled brown rose bud. I knew from past experience that at this stage the stuck up bitches didn't appreciate any of my kind comments... and now forced her to ride NAKED on a metal rail with a ... If only the SOB driving her had only chained her hands in front so she could give herself relief .... She attempted to open her mouth to scream only to be rewarded with a mouthful of soapy cold water after he had played the stream over her rock hard nipples and chest. This was the first rare occasion, if you knew Claudia and her usually opinionated ways. Quickly she straightened up and stood at attention before me. I drove her car to my home and parked it in the back of my barn. Then I aided her in expelling the spent liquor from her intestines. their wasn't any choice or the slightest objection on her part. The bounding inside her head intensified a hundred fold. She knew, she was outside, somewhere, naked and she felt for the covers .. Looking down she forced her eyes open, and she saw that the chain lead, from her neck to a fence post firmly driven in the ground, and another padlock secured it there. Young Bethany here has come all the way over here, to play with your ass." He explained to his now freezing trembling animal Through her partially open eye slits Claudia perceived the little girl from yesterday.

Pausing on the hood of the car I finished my cigar. She was laying there, scared and in that fetal curve that they all adopt when scared out of their minds. Grabbing her hair I dragged her out of the cramped space and flung her into the mess of the two tire tracks. and I don't like to be kept waiting." She turned and tried to crawl away. This time her caught her firm round left ass cheek .. SMAKK She tried the crawl away frantically but I kicked her ass on and proceeded to tan her ass for her .. Next he took up his video camera for some action footage to be edited into her debut tape. As he drove off Bethany could not keep her little hands from reaching out and started to explore the muddy right nipple of the chained nude. Call the police and hav..." "Now that would be plumb unneighborly. Besides sometimes he lets me come over and play with his animals, and if I called the law on him he'd be mad at me.. She didn't even feel him un cuff her and shift her hands to over her belly. She hunched her shoulders over further, but the damn prod inside her, did not allow her to curl up. Feasting her eyes on Claudia's nude pulchritude the little girl broke out in a cute little smile. A bit odd, but he seemed to keep all his girl friends like this?? She remembered other times, she had gone to his barn and he let her play with .... " Bethany inquired with her big eyes delighted at the prospect as she looked into the truck's open window. Then she slumped down, lost into another ethereal plain. She was too exhausted to offer even token resistance when he manipulated her clit to a number of other cums for his own enjoyment. You are a little fat around the middle, and kind a small titted, but over all you'll make a fine piggy... The little red truck bounced and sputtered down the two dirt tracks that comprised the 'road' with it's cargo of mud coated Piggie. Later maybe a candle light dinner, a little wine, and then... he had stripped her of all clothes and possessions. Her eyes revealed, it was a little girl, walking along the muddy rutted tracks, with a down cast head. " "Yes sir." The young moppet answered quickly keeping her eyes, down cast. Climb on up in the back and I'll run you over to your road." she mentally screamed at him, but physically she kept silent and eyes down cast. The bright brown eyes of the girl finally looked up and delighted in the trucks other passenger. " "Um can I come over later and play with your new bitch some time? Next he moved around and played the stream of water, lightly, over her clit and it's hood. So she lifted her face to the sky and howled out her most intense orgasm ever .. From experience, I knew this dries the mud to a nice cake and the mear threat of comming on a group of people did wonders for a citified bitches self worth... She was chained, naked, muddy, secured and on a perch on a rail in the back of a pick up, being driven she knew not where. well OK an illicit meeting with a ruggedly handsome man, a little play .... Instead of being driven in some cool convertible, with the wind in her beautiful hair, she was covered with drying mud like some wayward farm animal chained in the back of his pickup truck. her mind screamed as she perceived a small figure along the side of the road ahead as they rounded a bend ... Did your teacher keep you after school, again today? "Yes sir" Bethany answered as she scrambled rapidly up into the open truck bed. Here was a little girl, not older than 8 or 10 entering her space, sitting on the truck bed lip, not 2 feet from her own chained nudity. You know like you let me ride the pony once and ... She gnashed her teeth at the sensations, but her lips stayed shut. She had never been treated like this in her life, but she was here and now oh soo helpless ...

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He detached her from the table and man handed her body over to the strange device on the floor. Next the ingenious part of the mechanism was called into play! " she shouted to no avail as the finger, it's lube job done was withdrawn and replaced with a large complicated enema nozzle. Now I'll read the question parts and you'll read the answers that are there. Any fuck ups on your part, and we will wait for a while and then start all over again." He informed her. She was soo grateful she felt she was in love with him.

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