Is hayden and milo still dating

Milo Ventimiglia says he avoids dating in the public eye at all costs.

The 40-year-old actor is, at least, not publicly dating anyone at the moment.

The 2017 Emmy Awards are coming up, and I fully expect them to be mostly trash that gives awards to all the wrong people.

But there is one thing that this year's Emmy Awards will be good for, and that is gazing lovingly at Milo Ventimiglia's face.

“Totally hurts because people are like, ‘Man, I wish my husband were more like Jack,'" he explained.

"‘Man, I wish my boyfriend would do the things that Jack would do.’ And I’m like, Jack’s not real.

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Porter's Journal that the frenzy over his romance with Hayden Panettiere taught him to keep his relationships private. "There are things that happen to you in your life that shape who you are.

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