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She braced for a third, but the smacks stopped as soon as they'd started.

"No warm up spanking today, I think," murmured Christina.

"Dirty girls who pee themselves on purpose need to be dealt with sternly, don't you agree?

" "Wh-whatever you say, Miss." Christina took a man's leather belt from a pile of implements in an armchair in the room, and folded it over, holding the buckle and testing the whipping action.

Two pairs of blue eyes met, passion and anticipation flickering across them. Naomi needed no prompting to assume the position, bending at her waist to lay her upper body over the desktop, boobs squashed against the surface, nipples buzzing against the cold wood, lower back arched to thrust her shapely bottom out, legs slightly spread.

With an open palm, Christina suddenly slapped Naomi across her left cheek, rocking the brunette back and making her gasp. Christina gripped each of Naomi's nipples through her blouse, twisting them roughly, eliciting a moan from her lover. Christina flipped the navy skirt up over her back to show Naomi's pissy knickers and bottom to the room.

She knew Naomi would be in an agony of suspense, and thought she'd let her stew for a bit longer as she looked at her lovely bottom, round thighs and shapely calves as they descended into her wet socks.

They'd discussed what had happened between them, what they wanted to happen, how their increasingly disgusting fantasies were intertwining, and were overjoyed to find that neither repelled the other - they simply adored, desired and loved each other. Stopping her pacing in front of Naomi, Christina took the shorter girl's chin and tilted her head back to look at her face. I like peeing myself." Christina continued to maul Naomi's big, soft tits. What sort of dirty, disgusting slut pisses her panties on purpose? Gripping her shoulder, Christina turned and shoved Naomi so that she faced into and fell across her desk.As in the first two weeks they'd been in this relationship, Naomi still reported to Christina at the end of each working day and almost always ended up over her knee or bent across the desk.Until last night when Naomi had moved in, they'd been spending all weekend together anyway, and over Saturday and Sunday the curvy brunette could usually expect at least four spankings!"You're not just a naughty girl, though, are you Naomi? With her other hand she delivered a slap to Naomi's right cheek, the blow bringing tears to her eyes. Stepping back and to the side, Christina took a moment to examine Naomi's bottom, ogling the soft, round, milky cheeks, currently encased in wee-stained panties.She seemed to absorb punishment almost supernaturally well, rarely carrying marks for more than a couple of days.

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Although Naomi would have been happy to be caned thrice daily, Christina moderated the punishments as she liked a blank canvas to work on.

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