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I'm still not sure whether it was a good habit or a bad one.A few months ago, when I sat down to write an afterword for the came to be, and almost didn't.It occurred to me that as a case history, a time-capsule view of the videogame industry as it was in the 1980s, this was a story others might find interesting too.So even though the last thing I need is another hobby -- especially one that involves spending more time at the keyboard -- I've begun posting those old journal entries, a kind of blog from the past, starting in 1985.The real-life horror story they revealed is enough to give any child, or parent, nightmares.Here's Barry's story as he wrote it for the I've watched my share of thrillers and horror movies.The graphic novel site also has an interview with A. For similar reasons, Hello Jordan, You've said you didn't make the casting decisions, but can you tell us: Is it true that David Zandi was once seriously considered for the title role? If it were your choice, would you have chosen any differently?

I've wondered about how to develop stories for videogames, but I'm not that much of a gamer -- at least not with the current crop. While I've been met with the usual "it's too hard to break in" blather, I've found very little real information about the process. They had an exhibit called "From Superman to The Rabbi's Cat" about the history of comics. These days, when I'm in an airport and my flight is delayed, I hardly mind, because it's a chance to draw.Date Published: 2008-10-22 Permalink Tags: Blog Sketchbook Drawing was the first thing that put me into that artist "trance state" too. I found you through John August's blog and am a Po P fan from way back as a bonus. [...] About a year and a half ago I started carrying around a notebook and sketching what I saw.But I was mostly drawing the faces of Ryan Gosling and Christian Bale. I am forwarding your post to my wife who has packed away her sketch pad for far too long and needs a reminder to pick it up again. Aside from the pure fun of it, my new hobby has enriched my life in so many ways, I can’t imagine stopping.Check out the "Old Journals" and let me know what you think.If enough people are interested, I'll keep posting -- ideally, at least through the end of 1989, when... The entries are selected and abridged -- most of what I had on my mind at age 21, you don't want to hear about -- but on principle, I've let things stand as I wrote them, and avoided the temptation to revise with hindsight.

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